Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is the first addition of Kick ass trades,there will be an Portfolio tracker for this segment of the site and trades will only appear when they are the most optimal set ups. They will be set out to members only after the 3 week trial period. Today we start with AKS as the first kcik ass trade tomorrow i Will be adding to my position hopefully around the 14.25 area or lower To qualify for a Kick Ass Trade I would not expect anything less then a 20% return in a 2 week period That would give us a target of ~ 17.00 I am looking for 18.50. I will leave the stop to your risk tolerance as i feel this is one of the best set up to date, and even if we do get a further pull back I don't expect anything more then 11.75.

Below you can see the drastic sell off we are trading 1o points off the 20 dma,.

As the dollar pulls back and other factors some unknown to the average investors (a 10 percent holder forced to sell ther stake in AKS (10%) Now that this is over and valuation has drop substantially (PE 3.45)

A few more pet pieves, What the hell are analysis thinking and why are they even getting paid, This is the time to be going Long Just look at these market calls by these yabudist

DateResearch FirmActionFromTo
23-Jul-08JP MorganUpgradeNeutralOverweight
24-Aug-07Credit SuisseInitiated
27-Feb-07Lehman BrothersInitiated
8-Feb-07JP MorganDowngradeOverweightNeutral

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I won't even go into the price action and levels when these calls where made, but take it from me its much higher then today's price, I think tomorrow I will be makin
g some phone calls

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Bill said...

catching a falling knife is very risky. why fight the trend, my friend?