Monday, January 5, 2009

Delayed Alerts for January 5th

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1:43 am

This weeks Kick ass trade has been released and delivered to you from, Also released tonight is the Weekly 10 for 1000 watch list (Technically set up for the week to make a move to generate $100 based on entry and profit projection. Watch List focused on swing traders who want to generate $500-$1000 per week. Included are buy point, sell point, share amount and stop loss exit area. All the work done for you,

another candidate for the Kick ass trade for this week was AKAM so watch that one.

Be sure to tune in each market day from 9:00am till 4pm for the best market commentary and live alerts, technical charting and set ups, Play by play of market action.

9:18 am

Mondays early morning list is always light due to the previous nights 10 for 1000 watch list.
RTP getting the pullback this morning that I want to take advantage of, Going to scale in small starting either pre-market of right at open. Others high on the watch list, COP, AKAM, AAPL
and shippers, RIG (falling wedge pattern). Watch the 9:50 am for strength and a push higher

9:24 am

RTP buying 100 Pre-market 99.22, scaling in small pre-market, be safe when you take your fisrt entry on a pull back.

10:03 am

Sold OXY 62.18 all out from 57.04, Nice trade raising cash. Still bias to the upside, looking to add to RTP on this pull back.

11:10 am

Markets approaching resistance 934 here. Profits could be golden here. RTP continues to look great, SNDK looking to take it off between 12.50-13.00. Being the first trading day of the new year , this is a great opportunity to lock in profits on some of your positions, reevaluate your positions and establish the discipline to be a successful trader this year. Plays will always appear each day, Develop the discipline to move your money from one winning position to the next

12:14 am

Seeing a volume spike in HOV looks interesting at these levels, will add on volume move above 1.80. RTP great relative strength holding up, LVS, took 500 shares @ 8.34 for a momentum play into Tuesday. Right now markets pulling back , but still bullish and really watching the volume on HOV. F looks great, C showing relative strength.

12:50 am

IYT taking profits. Continuing to raise cash today, taking IYT off here 500 shares 64.89 this is from a 61.72 and a focus stock on the 10 for 1000 watch list.

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