Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Delayed Alerts for Febraury 10th

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12:22 pm

Market wild ride Dow down 211 S&P down 21
Equity markets slide as Geithner release is short on details, notes that Treasury is still working out mechanics of mortgage relief and public-private programs
seeing financials getting hit,stepping in here a little on Financial pullback CME added today and will continue to watch 192 for abreakto the upside
Looking to scale in BAC JPM and WFC Market holding 850 for now

Bought DIS added 200 @ 18.85 Looking close at MT
love the second opportunity here
MT looking great around 25.50-70, kind of missed the entry and looking for any pullback to that area the 20ema is right under us this is a great support area

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