Monday, March 9, 2009

Delayed Alerts for March 9th

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10:18 am
Markets in early morning rally DOW +46 S&P +10

Stocks that look great
APSG 1-2-3-4 breakout
EBAY base
CAT Perfect pull back off gap last week

11:03 am
PER short set up about to trigger 10.75

chart on 10 for 1000 watchlist

12:14 am
Bought JBHT 40 @ 19.60 Small scale in MGM Momentum Play into tomorrow.

MGM with a decent amount of shorts sitting on it, starting to rally today,very good possibility of a continued run tomorrow and following days.
Small falling wedge pattern was just broke to the upside on the S&P want to hold 684.

1:35 pm
Market Update Monday 1:20 pm

S&P selling back down to the 768 levels, no really follow through on the early morning rally, traders still focused on lower numbers 650-600 area. There are some stocks that are holding gains and could should push higher on any bounce today
NYX (Falling Wedge)
INTC pushing its 20ema
CME will be watching if we close back above the 20ema
MGM momentum play into tomorrow
JBLU same
APSG 1234 breakout
more to come

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